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Resolution Brewing Company

There’s no doubt that Alaskans pay homage to Captain James Cook one way or another. In fact the name, Resolution Brewing Company, is a nod to the Captain’s favored ship, the HMS Resolution.

The BrewOpen Recipes and Collaboration

Home brewers are the driving force of talent, creativity, and soul of the craft beer universe. This brewery is the dream of a home brewer. Because of this all recipes will be released along with every beer we brew; scaled down to 5 gallon batch recipes for all to brew, share, tweak, and drink!

Fellow Craft Brewers: we will always share recipes, techniques and be open to collaboration. We believe our brewing prowess does not reside in a set of brewing methods, or combination of hops and grain. But rather, if we share what we learn, all of craft beer can benefit. As JFK would say, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”